Liquid Spill Damage

Just like all the other electrical appliances you use, even your laptop is not waterproof.

Some liquids, such as those with soda in them, are particularly harmful to your laptop because they lead to corrosion of the components in the motherboard. Naturally, this causes lasting damage to the device.

It may so happen that your laptop continues to work after water damage. However, you will only see the affected results in wireless services and Bluetooth. Some laptops might not turn on at all.
If your laptop works perfectly, there are high chances that it stops working entirely after a week or two. If you’re wondering why that happens, it is due to the damage suffered by the motherboard.
The liquid leads to the oxidization of the components in the motherboard in a short period. We recommend that you turn off your laptop immediately if it comes in contact with any liquid. Remove the battery of your laptop and any other parts that can be removed from the laptop.
We advise our customers and clients to towel dry the laptop instead of placing it in front of a radiator or a heater. After this first aid for your laptop, call professionals to get the laptop checked for any other damage that may have gone unnoticed.
The professionals at PC Ideals use specialized cleaning fluid and cleaning processes curated, especially for situations like this. Cleaning the laptop after a spillage is a specialist job and should not be taken lightly.
So, what are you waiting for? If your laptop has suffered any such damage, give us a call or book an appointment through the form given on our website. We look forward to helping you and enhancing the overall performance of your Mac!

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